Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Little Shots for Schools

Welcome to 'Little Shots For Schools', an exciting new poetry and short story initiative designed to give children an insight into creative ideas and the chance to see their work in print. We are at present still working on the format and hope to provide participating schools with the chance to have an anthology of childrens' work. Not only will we be running amazing competitions with great prizes for all the great work, but all work submitted stand a chance for inclussion.

Each participating schools will receive a free copy of 'Little Shots,' with the option of buying more copies at a discounted price. These can then be retained by the school or sold on. Parents can also contact us for copies direct from our web site.

For further info, email “Little Shots for Schools” team.

C/o Dan at

Please make sure that you put Little SHOTS for Schools in the subject box.